Leaving a Legacy

As charter members of the Legacy Society, Brenda and Hugh James hope others will follow their lead and join in the efforts to continue the good work of the Foundation.

“I think Spartanburg Regional and its Foundation have helped to improve the health and well-being of the Spartanburg community as a whole,” Brenda said.

“We have a great faith that the future leadership of the Foundation will use our gift to continue the legacy of the Foundation,” Hugh said.

The James family was even a part of the beginnings of the Foundation, as members of the blue ribbon committee that created the Foundation. However, Hugh was familiar with Spartanburg Regional from the very beginnings of his career.

“Spartanburg Regional has been a great source of health, education and strength since I was a freshman at Wofford College in January 1969,” Hugh said. “I’ve learned it’s not the personalities and politics. It’s the institution itself that continues to serve our community.”

The Jameses have a deep belief in end-of-life planning, because as Brenda puts it, you want to be in control of your assets.

“Draft your will immediately, because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring,” Hugh said.

Why does this couple suggest the Foundation as the recipient of that will or other gift? Hugh says it all in one sentence.

“There is no greater community treasure than Spartanburg Regional.”