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The Betty Ann Moore Fund was established to fund colorectal screenings for patients in need. Colon cancer is a deadly disease, but with proper screening, it is one of the most easily prevented forms of cancer.

John Moore and Anne Brady Moore Carlson created the fund in honor of their mother, Betty Ann Moore, who was diagnosed in 1999 with colon cancer. She encouraged everyone she knew to get screened. She passed away in 2003, and John and Anne Brady have continued to champion the cause of cancer prevention.

The Betty Ann Moore Fund is saving lives. We hope you will join us in reaching even more community members in need.

John and Anne Brady, along with friends of the family, have made a challenge matching gift of $35,000 to grow the Betty Ann Moore Colon Cancer Fund to serve more people in need.  All gifts and commitments to the fund over the next 6 months up to $35,000 will be matched 1:1 through this challenge gift.


Kenneth Tillerson is a 15-year colon cancer survivor. He has been told that continued screening is extremely important. His health insurance would not cover the entire cost of a colonoscopy procedure, but through another member of a colon cancer support group, he learned about the Betty Ann Moore Colon Cancer Fund.

“You never know who can’t afford (a screening). Please donate to the Betty Ann Moore Fund, because it saves lives.”
– Kenneth Tillerson

Betty Wells is an 11-year breast cancer survivor. Her teaching job does not provide health insurance. She had turned 50 and knew that a colonoscopy screening was important for someone her age – especially a former cancer patient. She received a colonoscopy with help from the Betty Ann Moore Fund.

“What they are doing for the community is awesome. I really appreciate what (the fund is) doing, as there are people out there who need this service.”
– Betty Wells

Megan Katamay believed her mother had possible symptoms of colon cancer. She learned about the Betty Ann Moore Fund and helped her mother schedule a colonoscopy. Her mother was diagnosed with colon cancer and died several months later. Because colon cancer runs in her family, Megan, along with her sister and father, received support for screening through the program.

“Colon cancer is treatable if you get to it in time.  So many people probably lose their lives because they can’t afford it. If my mother had been screened earlier, she would still be here today.”
– Megan Katamay

What Physicians Are Saying

James Bearden

“I was Betty Ann Moore’s physician. She was full of joy. Her children did the right thing in setting up a fund after her death so that these colonoscopies, which can be life-saving, would be provided for those who didn’t have the means to have them done.”
– Dr. James Bearden

Timothy Yeatman

“The best way to treat cancer is to prevent it. You can save more lives through screening than you can with anything else.”
– Dr. Timothy Yeatman