Hospice Care for End of Life

Hospice care is the right choice when a cure is not possible. At Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, hospice care is available at Hospice Home or in the patient’s own home. The hospice program at Spartanburg is the longest-running program in the state. At Hospice Home, 15 patients are cared for during the late stages of an illness, and at any one time, about 120 patients are cared for daily in their homes by hospice employees.

The Spartanburg Regional Foundation supports many programs for hospice patients and their families. For more information about the Hospice Division of the Regional Foundation, call the Foundation at 864-560-6727 or visit SpartanburgRegional.com/Hospice for hospice information & services.

Hospice Holiday Meals

Gathering with loved ones at the holidays is an important way for those who are terminally ill to live their final days to the fullest. Learn more about how the Spartanburg Regional Foundation helps patients and their families during the holidays.

Hospice Division Advisory Board

John Barber
Jeff Barker
Jeffrie Berline
Kimberely Brown
Mary Lee Cantey
David Cato
William Cummings – Chair
April Falatok
Jan Goldstein
Ellen Gramling
Chris Harakas
– Secretary/Treasurer
Rick Jolley
Libby Lowndes
Peter Moore – Vice-Chair
Vicky McAbee Noe
Debbie Philbeck
Phil Phillips
Mary Hope Rhodes
– Immediate Past Chair
Garrett Snipes, MD

*Updated 1/23/2019