Heart Division

High-Ranking Heart Care is Right Here

World-class heart care is available in one central location, at the Spartanburg Regional Heart Center. In 2013, the Heart Center was ranked No. 1 in the state, our physicians, surgeons and staff recognized in their field. From open-heart surgery to emergency care, preventive care and rehabilitation, the Heart Center offers innovative levels of care and commitment to quality. Spartanburg was the first in the state to offer a Chest Pain Center, as well as a Heart Failure Center.

The Spartanburg Regional Foundation supports many community cardiac programs. For more information about the Heart Division of the Regional Foundation, call the Foundation at 864-560-6727.

Visit spartanburgregional.com/heart for heart information & services.

Heart Division Advisory Board

  • Christopher M. Crowley, Chair
  • J. Sidney Fulmer, MD, Vice Chair
  • Kaye A. McIntyre, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Thomas G. Barnet, Immediate Past Chair
  • Susan E. Rothemich, Member at Large
  • Angela Beatty
  • Teresa B. Fowler
  • Greg W. Hall
  • Max T. Hyde, Jr.
  • David G. Ike, MD
  • Charles (JJ) Jackson, III
  • Rhonda Lockhart
  • Brelan R. Montgomery
  • Towles D. Napper
  • Anne R. Poliakoff
  • Beth Powell
  • C. Jason Rousseau, DO
  • Laura E. Stille
  • Joella F. Utley, MD
  • John F Verreault, III

*Updated 1/27/2016